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Powerful design prototyping tools


  up-to-date and stable

unique market value.

Optimize the ROI

Marvellous development team

static screens into clickable

  Fully interactive

fresh code.

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Some of our mobile applications

File Manager Pro

File Explorer

Ram cleaner, find files


SnapTo Contact

Optical Character Recognition

QR-Code Scan, BarCode Scan

ios android

USB OTG File Explorer

OTG file explorer

open , copy or extract files


3D Live Wallpaper


Magical latest 3D live wallpapers


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RTC Accounting

RTCHubs is a private telecommunication company that was established in the year 2011 in Bangladesh. We have integrated the Selfcare product in Telesom company. We have integrated this solution in Telesom Selfcare

Core Features

+ Mobile

 create scalable, high-performance android apps

+ Cloud Service

This Apps provide cloud service

+ VAS Services

Major value-added services with Live streaming and Location-based services.
+ Internet Pack Management

Internet Pack Management also provided with the accounting application

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Come to us with any requirements and we will make it happen.


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