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iOS Development

Our iOS App development process is clear and transparent to our clients. Most clients are not familiar with the levels of programming that is why we have divided our projects into several stages of development to make it easier for them to understand.

Project Concept

Your concepts and ideas are intercepted by our team to initialize the requirements of the app.

Technical Documentation

Next, a document containing all the features, functions and buttons of how the app will work is produced for the client to view.


User Integration and User Experience, the application is designed and presented with all buttons and features except without functionality. Once the client is pleased with the result then we forward to the next stage.


The Application is developed by our team based on storyboards and complex programming with complete visual artworks.


Each function of the app is coded to perfection with simple process organization to achieve successful results.


Once the Application is complete it is deployed to all of our iPhone 4,5,6 Series aswell as iPOD’s and iPad’s for further analysis.


After the Development process is finished we submit our apps for a Test Flight at to assess any issues associated.Testers are given a UIUD code to download and use the application for assessment.


The application is then sent to our client who further checks the app if there are any problems and for final touches. Any related bugs, fixes and technical errors are solved in this stage.

Publication to iTunes Store

After the client has reviewed the app it is uploaded to the iTunes store and ready for release. Our experience with the apple review team ensures that our apps are approved on first upload.


Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, Email, Google etc. you name it, we got it covered. Complete internet and social media marketing for your application as efficiently as possible.


Even after the app is published we’re not done yet. We will still continue to support your application for any issues, improvements and upgrades you wish to perform.