About Us

Making Technology works for business


Who we are

RTC Hubs Limited was founded in December 2011 by Md. Mamun Ar Rashid the purpose of providing customized software (games/applications) for the Smartphone and/or handheld device’s user market. From the very beginning of RTC Hubs has won a contract with Apple Inc. California, USA for delivering company’s strategic real time iPhone/iPad games and applications. We are a team of iPhone applications developers, designers and program managers with vast expertise which makes the right balance between innovative ideas, industry standards and end user’s expectations.

What we do

Digitizing the shopping mall experience and Shaping the future of shopping malls Technologies(Like AR,AI,VR) reshapes shopping centers, redefines customer experience and ecommerce for every shops Digitalize shopping mall system to build mall value Physical shop to virtual shop with complete e-commerce and POS Augmented Reality based location-aware by integrating dynamic indoor maps Advanced Mobile POS system integrated with e-commerce

IoT based mall and shops device control Be easily manageable across a global portfolio of shopping mall properties Be scalable to meet ever evolving business need Increase sales of your store in any epidemic Using AR and AI technology to build mall value


We Specialize In

Besides the solid experience in mobile app development we are also proficient in the most sophisticated project methodologies and softwares including the C/C++, Objective C, JavaScript, Java, Swift, Interface Builder, Kotlin, Core Graphics, WebKit Programming, PHP, HTML, Laravel, Vue Js, Golang, MySQL, Nodejs, MongoDB, GPS Core Location Framework. Get in touch with us to discuss more about our experience and work.

Latest Technologies those We Used

Our skilled developers are expert in the latest technologies giving you an enriching experience in your app and websites.

Our app developers follow vigorous app development steps for making state of the art applications. Each mobile & web application has its own type of unique programming functionality, however, the overall process remains the same in the stages of development.



Our creative developers have years of experience in customized iOS app development.


Our experienced developers can create scalable, high-performance android apps according to your unique needs


Our skilled developers are expert in designing customized web portals or applications using vue.js


Our developers are very skilled in building high performance, interactive and scalable websites with the most demanding laravel framework


We develop scalable, high performance node.js web apps, plugins, enterprise oriented APIs to tend to your specific needs


Our expert team will build the best network servers and distributed systems for your business.


We are ready to build the best warehousing, e-commerce, and logging applications to raise your business up.


Our eCommerce technology experts will build the best eCommerce websites to grow your business.


Our eCommerce technology experts will build the best eCommerce websites to grow your business.